Straights can be made any length from 4" up to 36" in 1/8" increments.
4 Lane straights are 10 1/4" wide and 6 lane straights are 13 3/4" wide.
The dragstrip is 8 1/2" wide.

If you wish to order additional pieces to lengthen or change the configuration
of your current Max Trax layout, you must tell us if your track pieces are the older style
(made for connector keys placed outside the power rails) or you will receive the current
style (keys located inside the power rails). The two styles are not compatible, and
while we still make the old style upon request, we do not offer an adapter.

Unless you request otherwise, any additional track pieces ordered will have our standard
lane colors (red, white, blue, yellow). Please let us know if you have other lane colors
so any new pieces ordered will match your track.
Keys inside vs keys outside






Routed track straights